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I’ve posted two new videos to my Vimeo/zoblue account. I love watching the city’s buildings move as I walk down the sidewalk and I haven’t hurt myself so far. 😛 Mostly I try to be very aware of where the corners are and watch for any cracks in the sidewalk.

One of the videos is a recording to a waterfall in the plaza of the Aon Center. It’s a lovely little waterfall but it is pretty loud. I’ll try to post more videos of “moments” in the city. The other video is a reflection of one building in another building’s facade. The reflection is very fun and twisty!

a bailar

The music is cumbia!

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I’ve created a Vimeo account and have uploaded a video! The video is of my dad helping Zoe dance with a little girl. The little girl just ran up to her, grabbed her hands and started dancing with her! Zoe wasn’t really sure what to do and would just stand there :mrgreen: . You can watch it here:

Edit: video taken down since it’s private :)