curves in me

because I have a lot of curves

I’m working on a new blog design now that my portfolio is done. Oh, you haven’t seen my new portfolio? It’s here on my main website, Anyways, before I start doing it up, I have to add tags to all my blog entries. 👿 It’s going to take for-e-verrr but it’s worth it because I can use the Tag Cloud feature of WordPress.

I think I’ll also add my links somewhere on here like I did on my portfolio’s footer. :mrgreen: Oh, and the title of this blog post will be the ‘theme’ of my blog’s look.

my folio

folio is short for portfolio

I’ve started creating a new portfolio for myself. It’s difficult because I have to gather so many projects that I’ve worked on in the past from an FTP server. I hope I have enough space to host all these files on my little corner of the Web. It should be enough, I just upgraded to a larger web package last month; seems my gallery is getting large as well. 😛

Once it’s all done up and pretty, I’ll link it from here. For now I’ll leave the current version up, I’m too tired to take it down right now. *yawn*

Also? Happy New Year!! :mrgreen: