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So I had this great dream that I was taking a gift wrapping class and the teacher was my old Art teacher from high school. The first assignment was to wrap a gift using only supplies purchase at Walgreen’s which I felt was a great way to push the students to be creative and think on their feet.

Our teacher then took the class to a Walgreen’s and had everyone buy supplies while she stood watch near the registers. I remember one of the classmates buying a can of Campbell’s ravioli or some such thing. He bought it because the ravioli was filled with beets and he was going to use that to color something.

I remember buying graphing paper, black shoe polish and poster board. My idea was to cut out a stencil from the poster board then use the shoe polish to stain the design onto the graphing paper. It was around this time that I woke up. I really wish I could have seen the project done. :smile:

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I’ve posted two new videos to my Vimeo/zoblue account. I love watching the city’s buildings move as I walk down the sidewalk and I haven’t hurt myself so far. 😛 Mostly I try to be very aware of where the corners are and watch for any cracks in the sidewalk.

One of the videos is a recording to a waterfall in the plaza of the Aon Center. It’s a lovely little waterfall but it is pretty loud. I’ll try to post more videos of “moments” in the city. The other video is a reflection of one building in another building’s facade. The reflection is very fun and twisty!

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So remember when I wrote about people I hate? Well, there’s one more. I don’t like people who dominate conversations. Let’s say Eggshell is this person. Eggshell will not only dominate a conversation, but will introduce a specific topic in order to into transition into her desired topic.

She will also make fun of anything that anyone else is talking about or look at you while making faces to let you know she doesn’t like what the other person is saying. I think this behavior is very rude and immature but she does it all the time.

I know of a few people who don’t like to be around this person because of that. One of them is me.