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So remember when I wrote about people I hate? Well, there’s one more. I don’t like people who dominate conversations. Let’s say Eggshell is this person. Eggshell will not only dominate a conversation, but will introduce a specific topic in order to into transition into her desired topic.

She will also make fun of anything that anyone else is talking about or look at you while making faces to let you know she doesn’t like what the other person is saying. I think this behavior is very rude and immature but she does it all the time.

I know of a few people who don’t like to be around this person because of that. One of them is me.

she laughed at elephants

It was a squealing gurgly laugh

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My Zoe caught sight of a mobile of toy elephants and when I made it spin she burst out laughing!

This is huge, it was the first time she laughed and she’s two months and three weeks old.

I laughed and cried at the same time because I was able to witness it first-hand while she was in my arms.

I hope I get to hear her first words too. :mrgreen: