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I’ve posted two new videos to my Vimeo/zoblue account. I love watching the city’s buildings move as I walk down the sidewalk and I haven’t hurt myself so far. 😛 Mostly I try to be very aware of where the corners are and watch for any cracks in the sidewalk.

One of the videos is a recording to a waterfall in the plaza of the Aon Center. It’s a lovely little waterfall but it is pretty loud. I’ll try to post more videos of “moments” in the city. The other video is a reflection of one building in another building’s facade. The reflection is very fun and twisty!

plumes of smoke

The city was scary

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I had a dream that I was having lunch in a high rise building with a great view of the city. Sitting at a long table with me was Alec Baldwin, Chandler from Friends, my sister and one of my cousins. Alec was teaching Chandler how to dance then he was going to ask me to dance. But suddenly people started running out of the room. I looked out the windows and was shocked to see the buildings in the city were smoking! There were these great large black plumes of smoke coming from every other building and I could see Lake Michigan in the distance with the sun close to setting. I remember thinking the sunset looked beautiful. That’s all I remember from my dream. 😳