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It’s almost the end of the year and I wanted to record everything I’m thankful for this year for Thanksgiving. So my life fell apart this year because I got divorced. Getting a divorce was my choice and sometimes it feels like the worst but also the best choice I’ve ever made. Better than deciding to study in a creative field. Better than deciding to have children. Better than deciding to always keep my hair long. Well, that’s just vanity but it’s important. 😉

Anyway, I’m forever grateful to myself for making that decision. As hard as it was and as difficult as it’s made my life, I’m happier for it. My ex-husband is still my friend and he will always be my friend. Sure he can drive me crazy most times but he’s the father of my children and he is—in the end—a good father. I wish him nothing but happiness in his future.

During the end of my marriage I relied heavily on friends to get me through the arguments, the pain, the low points, and helping me find the brightness in life. I’m forever grateful to them for being there for me, for distracting me, for offering a sympathetic ear, for just letting me cry… I did a lot of crying. My friends let me cry and showed me how important they are to me by just being there. I am glad I reached out—with my curiosity always leading—to the few people I have to find truly remarkable and honest people. I’m learning that there are really good people in the world.

These days I’m especially grateful for my family. Well, they do drive me crazy all day every day but they’re offering my children and I a place to stay. I’m able to save money so I can build my future. I’ve discovered I’m exactly like my dad. THAT was a shocker. 😀 There’s an episode of Friends where Rachel is teaching Joey how to sail a boat and she ends up screaming directions at him. She then realizes she spent so much time trying not to become her mom that she became her dad. Ha! Something like that could apply to me. My mom is the most extroverted woman I know and thinks introverts are just very serious, dumb people. *sigh*

I’m grateful I have a career I love and get to work with wonderful people! I get to work with code and am able to work with big name brands. The people I work with are awesome and inspiring and after all I’ve been through they have supported me even if some don’t know it. Sometimes sharing a youtube link is enough to brighten my day. So many great people have left but that’s the nature of working in advertising. Every day it’s something new and different and exciting. I’m blessed to still be employed doing something I love and working with great people!

Ok, so getting to the point: I’m grateful! Yes, my marriage ended in divorce but my friends and my family got me through it. My friends and family are still getting me through this. I can never repay them, even with all the time in the world. All I can do is be there for them and keep moving forward.

I’m also trying to blog more so hopefully with the new year coming I can set aside time to blog at least once a week. Hopefully. Maybe. Happy Thanksgiving if you celebrate it and if you don’t enjoy the time off!

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