my translation of a song’s lyrics

I’m going to translate for you the lovely lyrics of Zoé’s open link in new window song Frio which I kind of don’t understand so sometimes going from spanish to english helps me a bit. Major use of open link in new window on this one. 😉 (I hope to do their song Polar also. I’ve already translated their song Love which makes great use of imagery. I mean I can just picture an anemone of light!)

Zoé – Frío

aliento de bélico acento.
demonios de una polución.
sirena colgada del cielo.
revolver pornográfico.

superhipnotizadores pájaros invertebrados son.
noticiero diferido, transmisiones invertidas.

frío, frío cuando me hablas,
frío cuando tus ojos creen que debo ser como tu crees que es mejor vivir y ser.
© 2003 Zoé

breath of military accent.
demons of a pollution.
mermaid hanged from the sky.
pornographic revolver.

(they) are super-hypnotizer invertebrate birds.
deferred news (bulletin), inverted transmissions

cold, cold when you talk to me,
cold when your eyes believe that I should be how you believe it is better to live and be.


Ok, I still don’t know what to make of that. He sees in his mind awful images of the world ending with military taking over (perhaps causing it) and gets mixed messages from society (inverted transmissions). Someone, I’m going to assume a ‘girlfriend,’ isn’t much help either. She is distant and wants to define who he should be and how he should live his life.

  • lorena

    wow, interesting. never heard that song and he is definitely diff singing about other things than the typical. thanks for the translation. i struggle with spanish sometimes.

  • blue

    You’re welcome. I can understand/read/speak/semi-write Spanish but sometimes it helps to look up the words and what they mean in English to really get the nitty-gritty meaning of it all. I love Zoé, their songs are very poetic; it’s all very avant-garde.