random links

Some random links I need to/should add to my link-list page and a note to self.

Some links:

Note to myself: go back into the smilies hack for WordPress and see if it can be made into a select list. Probably not, but hey, try it’s worth a try! :smile: If not, I should ask the WordPress support forums people.

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sIFR has been updated!

It's officially now: sIFR 2.0 RC1.

Mike D has released an update to the sIFR technique sIFR 2.0 Release Candidate so I’m going to update my blog in a few days when I can read all the comments and all that. Also going to add the fact that I use the technique in the colophon; I haven’t updated that since I moved from MT to WP.

But not now cos I have a scary headache. More on that later…

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kick ass drop shadows and favorites JS code

Drop shadows that scroll over your content, fixed onto the browser window!

I’ve seen this before, but now it’s explained. It’s a little something called: Scrolling Drop Shadows and it’s kick-ass!! Of course, it doesn’t work in IE because it uses PNGs. But who cares? 😆

I want to try it with an image, just to see if it works; like a tuft of grass on the bottom of the browser’s inner window. Can you imagine?!

Also: My Favorite JavaScript for Designers is a collection of quick JS snippets of code that are extremely useful. In the comments for that entry I found a link to how to: Create a Pull Quote with Javascript (and CSS).

Latest CSS trick: Global White Space Reset

The latest CSS trick to enter our web designer lives.

Over at Left Justified, Andrew has written a follow-up entry Global White Space Reset to an earlier entry where he quickly noted that added the following line to your CSS clears up all white space on your HTML/XHTML page:

* {padding: 0; margin: 0;}

He provides further details and examples in this entry. Highly recommended read!

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some thoughts

Just some random thoughts, no rhyme or reason.

I finished reading the first issue of “Design in Flight” and it was a worthwhile investment at $10 for four issues. The issues are published on the following schedule:

  1. Issue One, published July 1, 2004
  2. Issue Two, published October 8, 2004
  3. Issue Three, published week of Jan 1, 2005
  4. Issue Four, published week of April 1, 2005

I have to print October’s issue and read that one voraciously.

In other news, I have to remember to take of the flash detect script on my flash portfolio and the screen resizer. Just too lazy and got too much work to do. I had to cancel my follow-up eye appointment I had tomorrow because I also have a follow-up tooth extraction appointment tomorrow. I can’t miss that much work and not get fired. Well, if I do get fired should I even care? I’m in such an awful mood today. 😕

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