my computer vomited

Yesterday, my Mac at work…

Yesterday, my Mac at work threw up and refused to work correctly. The search function would crash the Finder; the calculator refused to start; don’t even get me started on Word. So the whole day yesterday at work, the IT lady set my computer on fire and tried to make it rebuild itself from its ashes—ok, ok, she actually ran all the disk utilities under the sun to try to fix it.

My search function still crashes the Finder, so my machine is going to be rebuilt this weekend. What fun!? Just as I figured out how to have the Mac read the hidden files on my Windows-based iPod and copy over all my songs to rock to here at work. Overall it was a shitty day yesterday.

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new stylesheets

I’ve updated my CSS stylesheets;…

I’ve updated my CSS stylesheets; now I only have one style but three font sizes: small, medium, and large. I hope you like it! 😀

Of course it looks awful in IE because it has shoddy PNG support. If, god forbid, you don’t know what a PNG is, here’s the official site (be prepared it’s not the prettiest site). Basically it’s a lossless—and patent-free— image format that adds a great alpha channel for transparency.

been busy

I haven’t made entries lately…

I haven’t made entries lately cuz I’ve been so busy with everything. I’ve been looking for knit ponchos to buy for just about a year now. I haven’t been able to find any that are inexpensive. Victoria Secret had one for a while but fukc that, I’m not spending $60+ when I can make one myself for a 1/3 of that! So I’ve been making one since last year. 😡

Anyways, I found three at this one store on State & by Madison called Forever 21. While shopping at H&M, I asked the workers there if they had any and one cashier pointed me to Forever 21. I was so happy that I found inexpensive ponchos that I almost cried. Sure they’re not the best quality but who cares! I’m happy and that’s all that matters.

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“last-minute-changes” hell

ARRRGH! We were this close…

ARRRGH! We were this close here at work at delivering a website to a client and what happens? What happens?! All these minutiae of changes come down the pipe at me. Save ME, I’m in hell!! :tease:

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