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How come there aren’t seat…

How come there aren’t seat belts on buses? The bus hits a sharp turn and you practically fall into the person in the seat next to you! Well, I figured out why buses don’t have seat belts: it’s because they’re not supposed to be driving that fast in the first place to warrant the use of a seat belt. Now I think the bus drivers need to know this.

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I’m so glad I can…

I’m so glad I can jam to music here @ work plus the fact that I can share my iTunes and infect others with my music. Right now, I’m jammin’ to Tijuana No’s “Pobre de Ti”. I’ve found a lot of new Spanish Rock music that I love, now I only have to find a record store where I can buy them that’s convenient for me to get to.


In other news, I found a site that has O’Reilly books online on Web Design. I remember visiting this site long time ago then it was taken down for some reasons, so take time to visit while u can.

As a decent web designer, you should have all these books; of course I don’t have all these books myself, but I never said I was decent. 😀

random thought

This looks like an interesting…

This looks like an interesting book to get: The Fabric of the Cosmos: Space, Time, and the Texture of Reality.

I’m currently reading this book: Type Talk: The 16 Personality Types That Determine How We Live, Love, and Work and so far it’s helped me understand why some people are just straight up “weird” to me!! Why some people take foreeeeevvvveerrr and a day to answer a simple question like, “Are you hungry?”

Anywho it’s just interesting to read about how to “read” people. :cheeky:

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css link

A site that offers CSS…

A site that offers CSS Templates that are valid XHTML 1.0 and CSS2.

Also a tutorial that helps you plan and layout a site with CSS table-less code on your own: Colored Boxes.

More tools for the cool web designer! 😎

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site was down

My site was down for…

My site was down for a bit while the server my site’s hosted on had the main drive replaced. And they restored my site from their backups. No other host will actually let their customers know what the problems are and report what their doing to fix it. But my host did!

That’s why I :heart: my host: TCH.


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