why i love my man

So, I’m watching a Law…

So, I’m watching a Law & Order marathon and they’re all tear-jerkers and my man comes over and we’re chatting about it.

And he looks over to me and says, “You need like windshield whipers for underneath your eyes with a button you can push and they turn on and swish the tears off” Cuz he knows that even commercial can make me cry.

Man I laughed so hard at that! He’s so creative in his humor! 😀

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if you own a mac, you know

Ok, you know how Homer…

Ok, you know how Homer laughs sometimes? Like he laughs and laughs and it’s this hoarse loud laugh and his eyes bug out and go every which way and he’s practically falling down.

Well, when I saw this, that’s how I laughed… and you will too….

Unless, you’ve seen it already. Then never mind.

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Here’s a link to a…

Here’s a link to a survey that shows the % of fonts available according to the OS:

VisiBone Font Results

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back to work

Where’s the whiplash sound effect?…

Where’s the whiplash sound effect? Hua-TCH! :p

Anyways, I’m back at work and people say they’re suprised to see me so soon after my surgury. Blah, I’m on painkillers so I think I can manage. Plus, there’s like no work. Yay! Arrriba! Ok, there’s some e-mail newsletter I’m supposed to update but the deadline is far off in the deep future.

In other news, I have to find out how to have a style sheet that will make my weblog look decent in NS4. Have you seen it? It’s scarrier than paying $10 to see a movie. Who’d pay that much anyway? I always go to the matinee—that’s where if you go early or the first showing of the day it’s like half-off.

Anyways, I linked my stylesheet to prove it’s valid CSS according to W3C. Bet you can’t do that!

Will write more later…?

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startin to look up

The days are getting better…

The days are getting better and I only took one painkiller today to deal with my recovery from nasal surgery. Yay! I’m not hooked on painkillers!

In other news, I’m putting together a page that contains all the stuff I use or have in my blog, such as the php contact form & copyright info. All this good stuff.

I spent some time today trying to find web designer weblogs and I found a few. Some like me where I talk about my daily crap and some that are strictly business only. Oh well. Tomorrow I go back to work. I’ll see how it goes.

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